Stalag 69 (1982)

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vor 5 Monate
Ilsa :Shewolf of the SS did this theme much better.
vor 8 Monate
görüntü çok bozuk
vor 3 Jahre
vor 3 Jahre
I have said before, porn does not do history or war movies very well. Female general in the Nazi army? In the 40's? LOL. Dark haired girl is getting worked over good. Many of the opening scenes are edited out of order. This movie is so low budget, they only have one set to shoot the whole thing? And don't you think they would do some anal as well? This movie is so bad. lol But cannot stop watching. How about introducing some new drug to make them submissive and horny? They touch on the Daddy/Daughter perversion. They could have done a few creampies. And to add to this movie, just when you think it cannot get worst, it does. lol Jumping in behind enemy lines in uniform? LOL Where did the guy go? How did blonde get untied? OMG this is so bad. Did they do this on purpose?
vor 4 Jahre
vor 4 Jahre
nice one
vor 4 Jahre
hot Thanks for the posting
vor 4 Jahre
Where's Max Mosley?
vor 4 Jahre
HAHAHA nazi porn! great stuff!

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