She wants to be a good gf

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vor 1 Jahr
She's great i like her talent for sucking
vor 1 Jahr
I don't mind that she looks at herself on camera. I expect it takes a certain degree of narcissism on the bitch's part to make a video in the first place (or possibly payment, judging by her stilted sex-talk... it it's a paid position she's in, she has a professional interest in looking right for her client). I don't mind her looking up at him submissively while she sucks his cock, and I certainly don't mind it when she looks at the camera (and me) in the expectation of swallowing a mouthful of cum. I wish I was shooting my own load down her gullet. The hollowing of her cheeks as she sucks and the imploring look in her big, brown eyes are aspects of her subservience that I would like to reward with a thick, choking load of jazz for her to gulp down.
vor 1 Jahr
best sucking...
vor 1 Jahr
vor 1 Jahr
she's a good gf
vor 1 Jahr
Good girl!
vor 1 Jahr
but you do not have your dick between her fingers, so why do you attack this guy
vor 1 Jahr
And stop looking at yourself on camera
vor 1 Jahr
You know your dick is small when she grabs it with her thumb and forefinger

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