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These two lively young ladies know exactly how to have fun and get paid while doing it! Sit back and enjoy these two lovely lasses. This video has been edited for publication on Xhamster. Enjoy!

Hinzugefügt von vor 4 Jahre
Laufzeit: 19:13
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vor 2 Monate
vor 3 Jahre
My girlfriend brought a girl home for the week end and I fuck her friend so much that that I ended up with getting the bitch too sore for her boyfriend !!!
vor 3 Jahre
These girls were on back in the day. I wish I could find vids of the girl Tyler that were on there. She was amazing.
vor 3 Jahre
Great fucking video!
vor 4 Jahre
caring is sharing ;-)
vor 4 Jahre
9:00 she goes ham
vor 4 Jahre
vor 4 Jahre
These girls are MINDBLOWINGLY sexy. I can't believe what I've just seen. WOW. Unbelievably hot young girls giving blowjobs and acting so natural. I fucking LOVE it. THe only thing that could've improved it for me is if they were wearing fullback panties, but that's MY fetish! These are amazing girls.
vor 4 Jahre
NoNo. while I respect your opinion I must disagree with your post, what makes AF videos so cool is that there is no hint of glamour porn in the video, the dork dude the corny music, the average apartment, no/little make up on the chicks makes it all so more realistic then a made up chic with typical porn music in the background.
vor 4 Jahre
no dude fuck music in porn, total turn off
vor 4 Jahre
typical of the nice natural & sweet vid, ruined by the audio: a donkey speaking & a dumb noisy music on the radio..
the sound must be thought & chosen, try some cool records, jazz, Seal, carribean sound..
then, it will be perfect ☺
vor 4 Jahre
Two hot chicks sucking dude, and he has to jack off to nut?
vor 4 Jahre
vor 4 Jahre
vor 4 Jahre
To answer your question, the unedited versions of ALL of my uploads will be published on my Xhamster blog, viewable here:
vor 4 Jahre
Where can I get the unedited version......they ae both so hotr and sexy...I want to fuck both there pussys and have them suck me off and cum in therer mouths and all over there faces...MMMMMMMM...5/5

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