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The Last Family Vacation Pt2


The next morning Tim heard the sound of the shower then opened his eyes, just enough to see his father go around the corner, naked. A moment later there was a small clipped cry from his mother before the door to the bathroom closed off a giggle and a chuckle. He was thinking about his father feasting on those big floppy tits of his mother’s when Tammy flopped a long, tanned leg over his hip and climbed on top of him. He rolled onto his back and Tammy grabbed his wrists and pushed them to the pillow above his head. She was naked and her perky C-cup tits were dangling just above his face. “Good… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 1


It was the last family vacation for Tim and Tammy. Next summer, Tammy would be getting ready for college and Tim, for his senior year of high school. It had been a good first day. The flight to Florida had been smooth. The eye candy on the beach had been awesome and their parents had even bought them all alcohol for supper and they had shared some more as they sat around the fire pit on the beach. But there were only 2 double beds in the hotel room. Tim tried to jack off in the shower before going to bed, but…despite having been feasting his eyes on the near naked bodies of girls all afternoo… Weiterlesen

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Mom exercises with her son


My name is Alex, this story is about me and my mom, and how it got this way. This started around the end of summer vacation when I was, I’ll just leave my age out of this in case someone figures out who we are. But anyway, my moms name is Janice, really attractive, well to me anyway especially after things got going even more so. Mom has really large breasts, the kind that you just can't hide. Originally she also had a little more in the hips and tummy but less than most women her age with really big breasts. Well this all started because of my dad Bret. When I was younger my dad wasn't so… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 5

TabuErstes MalHardcore

As the van pulled up the driveway to Aunt Anne’s home, Diane reminded everyone that Anne had invited them over and had said that she had a surprise for them. Aunt Anne was three years younger than Diane and at 36 put most teens to shame when it came to fitness. She had also joined more communes, cults and religions than people in most small towns knew ever existed. So they were all hoping she had not turned vegetarian again, or as David declared, they were leaving in the morning! Diane’s phone buzzed and Anne told her and her family just to let themselves in and settle into their rooms and sh… Weiterlesen

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That nice dog across the street


That morning I was home alone; sitting at the living room and sipping a coffee. I looked out of the main window and could see Twister, my across street neighbor's Great Dane. He was a wonderful sweet dog, although his huge size was impressive. I could see he was mounting a nice female black Doberman. I saw his huge red cock entering that poor female which was in heat. Twister slid his huge cock and pounded her really hard. I saw him pushing with rapid thrusts. He was giving her a good fucking as I watched. Then I felt I had become wet as I watched those two dogs having sex. My hand rea… Weiterlesen

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— Son comes home and 'finds' his mother


I had just turned 19 and was heading home for the first time in 6 months. It was the end of my first year at university and I hadn't been home since Christmas. Now I was looking forward to 6 weeks of lazing around. Actually, I wasn't really looking forward to it at all. The reason that I had only been home once during the past 12 months was that I didn't really like the atmosphere at home. My mum and dad had been married for 20 years but these days all they seemed to do was argue. Dad spent most of his time building his business and mum seemed bored to tears. I had a sister of 18 and a 17 yea… Weiterlesen

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Helping a Mother and Daughter Part 1


I was sitting in the bookstore on Saturday, waiting for word that the repairs on my AC at home were done and feeling in a particularly horny mood, I had a stack of maybe 7 books next to my chair which I had turned to mostly face the window, but book in my lap was entitled “Chastity’s daughter”. It was not reducing any of my urges. I saw a slim blonde adult walk along the water that was randomly spraying up and soaking about 25-30 chi1dren as they frolicked in the water enjoying the spray. I imagined her walking through the fountain and the water ripping her clothes away, leaving her body, wet… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 3


David was pouring some coffee from the small hotel room coffee maker when Diane came out of the bathroom. She had been in there quite a few minutes, talking to Tammy, their daughter. Tim, their son, sat in the bed he had shared with his sister the previous night. They had shared a lot in the last 24 hours. His mind kept replaying parts of it as he sat naked with the sheet pulled up and over his legs and into his lap; knees pulled up to his chest. Diane stopped at the foot of the other bed and looked at her son. When had he become a man? How had she never noticed before? “Tim, you and your sis… Weiterlesen

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Mom showed me

ReifTabuErstes Mal

I just started 7th grade. Every day after school I had soccer practice, and I’ll admit I was pretty good. Not getting to play in every game good, but good enough to not be sitting on the bench the entire time either. Every practice I would bust my ass to let the coach know I meant business. I would always come home a sweaty mess. Since I started playing sports in first grade, my mom would always have a bath drawn for me when I came home from practice. By this time in my life I was more of a shower guy, but there was something relaxing about a bath after a rigorous workout. Almost every day m… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 6

Lesben SexTabuGruppensex

"Mind if I have a taste of that, Sis?" Diane asked said to her sister as she stopped and looked back. Both women were naked and beautiful. Tim did not know which one to look at: The woman he had just fucked (his Aunt) or the woman that looked as if she was possessed by Lust (his mother). Diane, Tim's Mom, walked over and put one of her hands under her sister's hand while using her other hand to bring her cum covered hand up to her face. Diane barely took her eyes off of those of her younger sister as she first licked the cum glazed fingers and palm of her younger sister and then began sucking… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 4


Tammy had decided she would just pretend that none of the last 12 hours of life had ever happened. Her mother had held her and said she had nothing to be ashamed of but she still felt… perverted. She had let her brother eat her out and then she had blown his cock… and been caught by both her mother and father. No, it would be best if everyone just joined her in pretending none of it had happened. She finished drying off determined to carry out her plan when she opened the door and rounded the corner of the hotel room, only to see both her father and brother kneeling on either side of her moth… Weiterlesen

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First Gay Experience At The Beach

Schwule Männer

I was 12 at the time and would go to Jones Beach every weekend with my parents. We would make a day out of it. We would use the locker room facilities and change into our bathing suits and set up an umbrella on the beach. It was an all day affair. Back then I routinely went off on my own and my parents were fine with that. There was a outdoor pool adjacent to the locker rooms. On One side was the women's locker room and the other side the men's. After a few hours of alternating between the ocean and the pool, I decided to take a shower in the men's locker room. I was just entering puberty and… Weiterlesen

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The guys owning that nice dog across the streetbi


I was again on all fours onto my marital bed; my wet cunt being pumped for the third time by Twister, the nice Great Dane across the street. My girlfriend Helena had caught me fucking that sweet dog and she had left. But then I heard other footsteps climbing the stairs to my bedroom. This time it was not Helena; but those spoiled teen agers across the street. Luke and Matt were the real owners of that nice Great Dane, although their slut mother had trained him to fuck desperate housewives around the neighborhood… Matt whispered in surprise, having caught me on all fours there. Bot… Weiterlesen

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Me, My Sister and the Nude Beach (Part I)

TabuErstes MalMasturbation

This took place many years ago, the late '60's. I mention this because it has a bearing on how things turned out. The sexual revolution was just getting started, the pill was available but not much used by teenage girls. Most girls didn't put out. Those who did were held in rather low esteem. Playboy with its rather mild, non-pubic photos of women was basically the extent of porn. I was se------n that summer and had gotten a job as a busboy in a rather popular restaurant. I was cleaning up a spilled mess underneath a counter when I accidentally overheard a private conversation between two c… Weiterlesen

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Gave Mom a massage

ReifTabuErstes Mal

I remember my mom's friend Beth used to come over twice a week and give mom a massage. After that mom would give her a massage. They both undressed for the massage, but covered their buttocks with a towel. I used to come and go as I pleased and they seemed to think nothing of an eleven year old seeing them partially nude. Some days I would sit and watch as they massaged each other from head to feet. When I was twelve, I used to watch more frequently. I was becoming much more curious about their bodies and every once in a while, I would catch a glimpse of mom's nipples as she shifted positions… Weiterlesen

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Male teen gets a ride.

Schwule Männer

The next morning, I had over slept. I shouldn’t be surprised, I was up most of the night before dreaming about Jon’s dads cock. My lust had even forced me to slid the cock of my sleeping friend. I had a rush of fear that he may not of been asleep, knew I was touching I was touching his dick and knew I came all over myself. I was at actually glad I had over slept. That way I didn’t have to see Jon, I was embarrassed. Jons mom said see would give me a ride to school as I rushed to get ready. When I heard Jon’s dad say, “I’ll give him a ride” my heart raced and my pulse quickened. The thought of… Weiterlesen

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— Mom would do anything for her sons.


My name is Candy. I am a divorced mother of two strong, tall, muscular boys Billy & Jimmy. Billy is 21, and Jimmy just turned 20 a month ago. Both are out of school now, and both still are living at home. I am 44, and although not skinny, I look very good for my age. I was blessed with 38 dd's, and all through my life I could make heads turn when I walked by. I do have a bubble butt, but I had never heard any complaints from my occasional dates or my boys. I work as a waitress during the day at a local diner, and with the good tips I can support my two sons and myself. My boy's father lef… Weiterlesen

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Milf next door

AnalReifErstes Mal

I was on a dating site and saw my sexy MILF neighbour, my profile wasn't of me as i didn't want others to know that i was on a dating site looking for casual sex. So i sent a private message and starting talking to her about what she wanted from this dating site. "as long as you are disease free, I want your cum in me" Wow, i thought she was sexy already and this was turning me on crazy like. i told her that i would go get tested and scan her a copy so she could see. I would keep my name off as i didn't want her to call it off. "I would love to be that guy, I am in my early twenties and h… Weiterlesen

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TabuReifErstes Mal

It was summer so my best friend Paul and I hung out all the time , we were either at his house or mine playing games , I'd known Paul since we were 12 , just like me he was kind of a geek for computers and any gadgets . Paul lived with his mom '' Peg '' and his sister '' Cherie '' , his parents divorced about 4 years ago , Cherie left about mid summer her first year of college so nights I stayed at Paul's gaming I'd crash in her bed ,which was at least twice a week . I lived with my parents and older sister she's 18 ,'' Pam '' was a little on the chubby side and shy , she almost never went o… Weiterlesen

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As a professor at a small New England college, each fall I meet many of my students' parents when they come to visit campus. This fall the visit of one parent was especially memorable. Sandy was one of the students in my lecture class whom I barely knew. I had taken note of her name, however, because several times she had been sitting about halfway up the steeply-raked lecture hall and had allowed her knees to drift apart during class, giving me a perfect view up her skirt. The last time she had done so, it was obvious that she was not wearing any panties, and confirmed the fact that she is a… Weiterlesen

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Sexy aunt catches him masturbating.

ReifErstes MalTabu

I was all settled in for the night. My Aunt Vicky was downstairs doing laundry and finishing the dinner dishes, and I had showered and watched a little TV, and then yawned and told my Step-mom's younger sister that I was going to bed. I wasn't actually tired yet, but I was horny and was looking forward to taking some time to escape into my world of secret sexual fantasies, and I didn't want to be disturbed. My Aunt Vicky was pretty foxy for my Step-mom's younger sister, and looked much like a younger version of my Mom. God she is beautiful. She was about thirty, and had long straight black ha… Weiterlesen

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Neighbour's Dogs Adventure


My name is Carol and all I was trying to do was be a good neighbor. My husband Bill and I live on a normal street in a normal town. Our next door neighbors, Mike and Sue, had asked us to feed their dogs while they were on vacation. They had a pair of Dobermans, a male and a female. The female had just had a litter of puppies about 8 weeks ago. Sue really didn't want to leave them but they had non refundable tickets. I had told Sue not to worry, that I would look in on them frequently. The dogs knew me well and even though the male was really big I wasn't afraid of them. Bill and I didn't ha… Weiterlesen

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Helping a Mother and Daughter Part 3

Erstes MalTabuGruppensex

I sat back in my chair as the blonde mother of the brunette girl in front of me stood up and helped her daughter undress the rest of the way. My eyes drank in every inch of the young woman’s body, knowing that the curves I saw would soon become much more dramatic and mature. When the shorts she wore pushed over her round butt bubbles and slid down her beautifully tanned and tapered legs, my breath caught. The sight of the young quim and the padding over her pubic bone and the shallow depressions out her prominent hip bones was almost more captivating than the thin slit down the middle of that… Weiterlesen

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A poke for Sis

VoyeurTabuErstes Mal

All through my high school years, I worshipped the ground my beautiful sister Karen walked on. I wasn't the only one. Every guy in school wanted to get into her pants, but, as far as I know, all but one failed. Karen was a year younger than me and one grade behind. When I saw her in the halls between classes, I invariably got a hard-on. I don't think she was intentionally a prick-teaser. She dressed like the other girls but she filled her clothes out better than they did. For example, her ass was absolutely mouth-watering when she wore the tight designer jeans that were popular at the time. Ka… Weiterlesen

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Another Poke, Mom?


I'm getting very good at satisfying my mother. I just fucked her for an hour, made her cum four times, and left her on her bed in a semi-conscious state. It occurred to me that how we got to this point in our relationship would make a good story, so here I sit at the computer with my glistening, still-twitching cock in my hand, trying to come up with a good opener. I'm a journalism student in college so writing my story will be an excellent way to practice grammar and composition. I need it. It all started a little more than a year ago. I was home for the summer after my first year in college… Weiterlesen

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It was milking time


This is one I've had hanging around for a time. I was staying the night with Laura and Bob; they were conveniently sited near one of our major suppliers and I took the opportunity to visit them about twice a year when I had a meeting. Laura was my wife's cousin, a pretty, rather conventional woman my own age. She had nice legs and a neat, small bust, light brown hair and a wide smile, but I had only occasionally thought of her as a sex object (at least, no more than any other woman). But the last time I had stayed with them Laura had been 7 months pregnant, huge and taut, and her bust had dev… Weiterlesen

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Mom's Afternoon Off


Pam was in a good mood because of her success at work. That is until she got home from work early as a reward for a job well done. Yes, Pam was in a good mood, that is, until she walked into her house to catch her son masturbating on the couch. Soon, Pam was in an even better mood... Pam couldn't stop smiling, she drove all the way home with a goofy looking smile on her attractive face, she was very happy for a number of reasons. First of all, she'd been selected as employee of the month at the insurance office where she worked, she'd managed to sell twice as many insurance policies than any… Weiterlesen

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My Pakistani Cousin (Edited)

Erstes MalTabuFetisch

Being born and brought up in the UK to Pakistani origin parents I visited Pakistan every summer.A very conservative society where women were kept indoors and not allowed to converse with other men.Never in my dreams would I have ever thought to loose my virginity in that country, well my wildest dreams would become reality in the next few lines. A hot June afternoon I was resting on my bed while the hot air was making me go crazy.Suddenly the doorbell rings and I open up the door to be blown away by a beautiful girl smiling "Sa… Weiterlesen

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My Mom and my cum

ReifTabuErstes Mal

It's amazing the power that one question can have. When you think about asking it, all you see is two outcomes. Either your life will be amazing like a fairy tale, or it'll all be over. Either way it will never be the same again. Of course, that's not always the case, such as asking "What time is it?" or "Should I wear the black shirt or the blue one?" However, when you ask your mom if she will swallow your cum, that's kind of when you get to the thinking of this will be amazing, or this will be the worst thing ever. Let me go back a bit, though, before I get there. First, my name is Adam. I… Weiterlesen

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My Neighbours wife


My names Steve, and i'm a mechanic living in an average house, in a average street. I was out in my drive one morning when I noticed Wendy was having trouble with her car. Wendy was a petite blonde MILF in her late thirties, and one of the hottest women you could ever meet, the kind of woman who looked stunning but butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, a typical hot mom, and she lived next door with her husband John and her two k**s. "Need some help?" I asked walking over "Would you mind Steve? I can't get it to start!" she replied with a smile. So I took a quick look under the bonnet and after f… Weiterlesen

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Helping a Mother and Daughter Part 4

TabuHardcoreErstes Mal

Lisa slid down my hard thick shaft and I watched as the radiance of pleasure flooded through her face! It had been years since I had been with a woman whose age began with a 3 and now I was penetrating one of the most beautiful women of that age or any other age that I had seen in a while. To top it off, daughter was lying in a sweaty puddle on the coffee table just to the side of us, heart still racing and nipples like hard berries point up at the ceiling as she recovered from what I would guess would be her first time ever being eaten out by anyone! Her juices still smeared my face and coate… Weiterlesen

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Little Sister

Erstes MalHardcoreTabu

I was down in the kitchen, rummaging through the cabinets looking for something to have for breakfast. Kelly and I were both home from college for the holiday break. I was a graduate student and Kelly was a sophomore, being three years younger than me. Mom and Dad had left early this morning to drive up to Oklahoma City to go Christmas shopping and they told us they'd be gone all day -- so, Kelly and I were left to fend for ourselves until sometime late this evening when Mom and Dad returned. "In the kitchen!" I yelled back to her. "You want some breakfast?" "I'm right here," I heard her say… Weiterlesen

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My Pakistani Cousin Love Part-2

TabuReifErstes Mal

I couldn't stop thinking about Aneeda,after the things that happened between us and was waiting eagerly to get to her hometown.The day finally came,we were going to her place to attend some relatives wedding,she had previously told how much she loved dark chocolate in our converstions, I somehow managed to get the chocolates at the last minute. Upon arriving at her hometown I was greeted by my relatives who still saw a 5 year old me the last time I saw them not realizing I had become a 20 year old man.All I wanted to do was me… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 7


David looked at his wife Diane and said, “After this morning do you really think walking around naked is really that big of a deal?” “Yes, I do! Look, I never told you about Anne and I. When I wasn’t even a teen and was just figuring out that there was more down below than a pee hole, I used her. And yes, I do mean I used her. She became my sex slave in a lot of ways. I made her finger me and suck on my clit. I did all kinds of things to her, including giving her orgasms in the back of the car while Mom and Dad were taking us on trips. She told me once that she still has her most powerful org… Weiterlesen

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My sex deprived neighbor

ReifHardcoreInterracial Sex

Living in the big apartment building of 12 units, we had a lot of diversity through the years. We had people of all races, colours and creeds and for the most part we got along pretty well aside from the occasional late night parties which could anger certain older tenants. Then, one day i noticed this indian couple moving in, (india indian) and they seemed quiet but polite. The gentleman looked a bit older than his wife, and i would soon find out, was impotent. We have a back porch that people occasionally sit on and shoot the breeze. One day, my indian neighbors wife decided to chat with me… Weiterlesen

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Male teen’s lust for friend’s dad.

Schwule Männer

It was late at night, but I was wide awake. My hard cock, along with my lustful desires, wouldn’t let me sleep. I was staying at my friend Jon’s house and sleeping on the floor of his room. In just a few short days, I had touched my first cock, sucked my first cock, been sucked and fucked, all for the first time. It wasn’t my friend that introduced me to “Gay” sex, it was his dad. His big, burly, hairy, manly dad. As I layed there, my cock ached. It ached for relief, it begged to be touched and needed to be pulled on. Much more than that though, it seemed to make me need Jon’s dads cock as we… Weiterlesen

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my Anal Obsessed Daughter


Fbailey story I had a very busy and quite taxing day at the office. My brain was fried. I felt like a zombie. So I went home an hour or so early. I parked my car in the garage and entered the house through the kitchen. My wife was starting to prepare some items for dinner. As I normally did, I gave her a kiss, felt of her breasts, and cupped her pussy. The kiss was not as passionate as it normally was and I think she realized that too. Her breasts felt very nice through her T-shirt without a bra to get in the way. My hand went up between her legs, under her short skirt, to rest up aga… Weiterlesen

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The Neighborhood MILF: Elexis Monroe

AnalReifLesben Sex

We’ve had a lot of fun in our neighborhood, and playing around sexually is a hobby that everyone enjoys. I’m happy to say I’ve been intimate with eight of my girlfriends already, and that list seems to be growing. I know Elexis, Jodi and Brandi like girls, but I have yet to experience sapphic sex with them firsthand, other than watching Jodi and Laurie fool around a few weeks ago. The four of us were over at Elexis’ house the other day after golf, when the conversation centered around sex toys and sexy outfits or anything that… Weiterlesen

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One Night with Mom


My name is Brandon and today is my eighteenth birthday. Normally, this would be a big family affair with my parents, older brother and three younger sisters, but circumstances have come up beyond anyone's control. My brother is in the Army and returned to his duty station from a stint overseas. He is stuck at his base, which is about a thousand miles away, and is not allowed to be more than forty miles outside the gates. He misses his family, which is understandable, but I wasn't born into a family that can afford to travel at the drop of a dime. His time is short before going overseas again… Weiterlesen

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Billie to Billie Jean

AnalTransenErstes Mal

My GF moved out so I needed someone to move in with me to pay the rent. I had been a secret CD for 3 mos.My friend T hooked me up with a guy named B whom moved in and began sharing the rent with me. The first few wks,I kept my girly secrets.I had my own lingerie,skirts and 2 dresses.I could do my own make up too.I was hoping to find a new GF whom would appreciate a guy like me.I put ribbons,bows and barrettes in my long blonde hair.I joined a dating site but mostly got hits from horny old men and no real girls.I watched porn on… Weiterlesen

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Me, My Sister and the Nude Beach (Part II)

Erstes MalTabuGruppensex

If you haven't already, read Part I first. ------------------------------------------------- The week seemed to go by slowly. We planned on returning to the nude beach the next time I had a day off, weather permitting, and we were eager to go. Our relationship had changed. We had always gotten along well as brother and sister, but with the new sexual intimacy, it took on an aspect of boyfriend and girlfriend. We smiled at each other a lot, caressed each other now and then shared a quick peck on the lips when no-… Weiterlesen

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It all started when I came home from the Army. I was just hanging around, hitting the bars, doing everything I could to get laid. In the four years I was in the service most of my friends got married. All of my old girlfriends were either married or engaged. As a consequence of this, I was getting nothing. For me this was awful. Ever since puberty, I have been one horny dude. Every chance I had I would beat off. I became quite ingenious about hiding the evidence. Some of my best beat off sessions was when I heard my folks fucking. My mother was a moaner. I loved my dad, but I came to resent… Weiterlesen

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Sister's Deal

Erstes MalHardcoreTabu

Big brother was leaving soon. He had his little girlfriend. Petite little thing, small everywhere. Nothing like his sister, who was built curvy and tall. They would get married and be gone. Then all his younger sister would have was her fantasies. But ever since she'd come home from college big brother had started flirting with her when she teased him. She wore her short shorts and he slapped her ass, down low where his fingers could curve between her legs. She squealed and looked at him. She could have sworn he meant to do it just that way. She went without a bra the next day in a too smal… Weiterlesen

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Sublime canine


I am 41 and my wife is 39. We have been married for 20 years and have two c***dren, 20 and 18. Yes, I know we had a baby three months after we got married, but we love each other and are good parents. Both k**s are in college and mostly away from home. I was lucky enough to work for a company, in an important role, that grew very large and made me a lot of money and so I retired. I still do a little consulting but I am doing less and less and soon will be completely retired. I bought a computer with all the bells and whistles and a high-speed modem and in my travels thru the web discovered so… Weiterlesen

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The Wedding

Interracial Sex

We were attending a wedding reception at the country club my husband belongs to. As I looked over at him across the room, he was well on his way to getting drunk, laughing with his redneck golfing buddies who were his fraternity brothers and now businessmen. The common theme in all their appearance was that they were drunk, overweight and successful. They were talking too loud, leering at the bridesmaids and making fools of themselves. My husband is 5' 9, 265lbs, balding, 55 and very out of shape. He was a dud as a lover and not endowed (less than 5" hard). It had been years since... The club… Weiterlesen

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My Mom Becomes a Nudist

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A son is forced to adapt to his mother's new lifestyle. When I got home from work, I made a sandwich, grabbed a can of Coke from the fridge, and joined my mother who was sitting on the couch in the family room watching TV. "How was work?" she asked. "Boring. We only had one customer the last two hours and she didn't even buy anything. I don't know why the store stays open until nine. Who buys stationary at nine o'clock at night?" "Maybe the mall makes them do it." "Yeah, maybe. How was your day?" I asked. "How was the beach?" "I didn't go to the beach." "Oh, I thought the way yo… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 10


By the time that Tim and Tammy stumbled their way back into the house and into bed, downstairs, David was securely strapped spread eagle to the king sized bed in which Anne occasionally entertained men who were willing to allow her to do anything to them. Anything. In truth, Anne would have been happy to just crawl in bed and go to sleep, but when she and Diane, her sister emerged from drying off after their shower David was sitting on the edge of the bed with her “Toy Chest” night stand open. She had straps for securing her guests to the bed hanging from the door and to one side of the cabin… Weiterlesen

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Friendly Neighbor 2

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I stood up and the big rubbery head of his massive cock pressed against me. Pulling my t-shirt up and pressing against my chest. Shivers swept my body from the contact of his fat cock against my skin. I pulled my shorts and boxers down releasing my young rock hard cock. His beautiful uncut cock rubbing against me as I did. "It's not very big." I said looking at our cocks almost touching each others. I had butterflies in my stomach admiring his massive cock. The dark purple head was shaped like a mushroom even bigger around that his thick, heavy veined cock. His balls were tight and big. Both… Weiterlesen

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Young guy’s quest to have my used knickers


Ben and his two pals were on holiday here for a few weeks, earlier in the summer. By the last week of their holidays his two mates were hopelessly lost in holiday romances. As for the rest of their holiday? well you can guess...! He looked an increasingly lonely figure for the last week or so, and the shine he had taken to me earlier at the beach seemed to be his only brightness as he took every chance to chat me up, during which amid other flattery, he told me that he had already noticed me when here two years previously celebrating his 18th birthday. At the time he seems to have taken more t… Weiterlesen

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 9

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That night, Tim and Tammy showered in the upstairs master bedroom where their parents usually slept when they visited. David and Diane joined Anne in the basement where she had her “Cave” where she slept far too often by herself in her king sized bed. As all three of the older generation showered in her large walk-in shower with its multiple shower heads, Anne could not help but wonder if any of them had the strength left to explore some of her other pleasures that normally were only shared with strangers and people she met in bars… She smiled. The six soapy hands moving over the three bodies… Weiterlesen

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