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Seducing Mom with Kisses


“I’d really like to give you something extra special for your 18th birthday,” said Mom, as we stood in the kitchen in the early evening, “but I don’t know what.” Well, I could think of something extra special that I would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn’t foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since I had begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I had had a tremendous craving for Mom’s big luscious body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in my fantasies, spilling gallons of cum through ardent masturbat… Weiterlesen

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Three Girls

AnalErstes MalTabu

Ric was the single father of three teen girls. Mary was 17, Pam was 18, and Lisa was 19. The girls had been kept protected all their lives but now as their bodies developed they got sex curious and wanted to explore. They and always ran around the house half naked and now dad was noticing how they were developing into sexy women. He did not know the girls had been watching porn and reading about sex. Mary said one day "I think dad has not had sex since mom died. We should help him. He is a very handsome and sexy man." Pam agreed "Let's see if we can get him interested. The girls then made a pl… Weiterlesen

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My s****r becomes my cum slut


I had just started high school when my older s****r moved back into the house. It had just been mom and I for the last two years. My older s****r Pat had moved into a dorm room at the local college after she had graduated high school. We still got to see her fairly often but I never expected her to move back in. It was apparent why she was back, she was three months pregnant. She had gotten pregnant and didn’t even know who the father was. Pat looked a lot like my mother, she was five one and had beautiful C cup tits with an ass I had always loved to look at with a nice gap under her pussy.… Weiterlesen

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Moms Birthday


My friend was waiting outside for me, he asked what I bought my mom. "Uh... Oh just some clothes", I said. All the way home I thought about the saleslady showing me her panties. I got home about an hour before my mom was due to get home from work. I wondered what I could whip up for dinner as I didn't want mom to have to cook on her birthday. I found some spaghetti sauce in the freezer. I took it out and put it on the stove to heat up slowly. I made a salad with italian dressing. I found a bottle of wine in the fridge still unopened. I took it out to warm up a bit. What else? I thought. Cake,… Weiterlesen

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Preachers Wife Chapter 2 from preachers daughter c


I will back track a couple paragraphs... What did Pam see? Pam saw Jaimie masturbating, Jaimie fucking me, even last Tuesdays at their house in Jamies bed and her own bed, when Jaimie obviously was not being f***ed at that time. What's more, I told her that such actions would ruin Jaimies future, get her kicked out of her college, and ruin her husbands preaching career if this ever got out. Pam, asked me what I wanted, they had no money, please do not show the preacher nor tell anyone, she begged. That is when I said, "I simply want you my dear!" Pam, weakly pleaded, then asked… Weiterlesen

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African Men surrounded my nude body, Daddy smiled

GruppensexInterracial SexTabu

I was thirteen when I lived with my dad in Angola in that Summer. My bedroom was at the back of the large house, and because it was behind the South facing front, it was cooler, and for that I thanked daddy, but the view it afforded, was not all that great, and I had just happened to mention it over dinner. Daddy put his finger to his lips, smiled, then winked, a signal all was not lost, or I had missed something, in my quick assessment of my chosen abode. Mariel my darling daughter, he began, putting his arm around my broad shoulders, a typical trait for Scandinavian girls, tall gangly,… Weiterlesen

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Scavenger hunt for Ms Patrice. Part 1

AnalSchwule MännerTabu

I finished up the job in Dallas way ahead of schedule and considered catching an earlier flight home but something told me to hang and have some fun. I got back to the hotel and hit the pool, grabbed some dinner and walked down to the corner market for a newspaper and a six pack of whatever was on sale. Back in my room I showered up, jumped on the bed and thumbed through the paper. Feeling kinda bored and tired I figured I'd just hit the sack but then I came across the adult classified section of the paper. The usual massage incall/outcall ads, e****ts, and phone sex lines. I was kind… Weiterlesen

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My Dirty s****r


So it was 2 months after my first s****r encounter. I got home from school and went to sit in the tub and masturbate and think of the girls at my school in the tight pants. I was sitting in the bath tub with a massive boner. All of the sudden I heard the door knob clack around. I knew it was my s****r because my parents were not home. I said " someones in here" I got no answer the door still kept clacking. all of the sudden the door opened. My s****r had picked the bathroom door lock and opened the door. She was naked but covered with a towel. She closed the door behind her and locked it. I wa… Weiterlesen

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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story Part 4

Lesben SexTabu

Bree's heart had finally begun to slow back to a normal pace nearly a half hour later. The twins hadn't spoken much as they laid there in bed. Their moment together had been so intense that it seemed to have drained all of their energy. Bree could feel her eyes heavy with sl**p now but tried to fight it off. She still needed to return the favor to her s****r and she didn't want to wait any longer to do so. Bree looked at Trina as she lay on her shoulder. Trina looked to be fighting sl**p as well. Bree could feel the shyness creep back into her as she thought about what to say so she could… Weiterlesen

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Sex and religion

Schwule MännerReifTabu

When it comes to religion I hold it in contempt and as for god,well at heart i'm an athiest,my gut feeling has always been god is as real as santa and the toothfairy but i might be wrong,Makes no difference if god is real,i've still no time or use for him :) Never had any urge to get under a priest cassock n i'm just not the submissive type but i'd be into corrupting a genuine priest.Pulling up his robes n bending him over the alter facing the fella on the Slapping his cheeks hard,sliding my cock btwn his skinny buttocks demanding to know who he worships more,the dead guy nail… Weiterlesen

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My Asian Wife watches BBC porn (part IV)

Interracial SexMasturbationTabu

Several months go by, and we don't have much sex. Too busy working, and too tired. One day, I decide to watch some porn. I keep my dvds in my dresser, and notice that they are misplaced. I always put them away right side up, with title at the top. I don't think too much of it, and when I'm done watching, put the dvd away, and make sure they are all "lined up". Several days later, I notice they are again out of order. Wtf! Is my wife watching porn while I'm at work? This time, I line up the dvd cases again, and also line up the dvds. Sure enough, a few days later, I find that the Biggz an… Weiterlesen

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As Good A Time As Any. Pt.1


Part I: “Exchanging Pleasantries” I always loved staying at my cousin’s house every summer, it was a rarity to see her, so the summers I visited were cherished. She was great fun, always up for a laugh and a good time, a little reserved however, almost as if she was hiding things about herself, but I didn’t much mind, I found her shyness and innocence to be cute. So this summer was to be just as good as the last. After parking my car down her drive, I got my bags from the boot and headed to her front door. “Knock knock, heeeey cuz, you there?” I said as I rang the door bell… Weiterlesen

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Little Nikki

Erstes MalTabu

When I was 6 my parents divorced. My s****r and I lived with my mom. My dad ended up marrying a younger woman. It wasn't long before they started having k**s of their own. When I was 7 my little s****r Nikki was born. Two years later my little b*****r Tyler. Being so far apart we weren't that close growing up. Also, my father lived a state away so we didn't see each other as often. When I turned 18 and started college all of that changed. My college was one town over from my father's house and when I needed a break from the dorm life or a home cooked meal the obliged. By now my hal… Weiterlesen

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caught by mom during first time anal

AnalSchwule MännerTabu

I can still remember it to this day . I had a good friend over and we were in my room my mom came in a said I have to go to town and yall need to stay here we live a long way from town my and my dad was away on business so there we were alone for about 10 minutes we started talking about girls and what kind of porn we had seen when I asked him if he would like to see my moms private sex tape she kept in her jwar he said you've seen your mom like tthati said yea its hot and weird to watch but it sure made my penis so hard so I went and got it and put it 8n the vcr I asked are u ready he said ok… Weiterlesen

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Being More than A Mother, Dark Secrets and more

Erstes MalReifTabu

'When I changed his diaper, I kissed his little pecker'. I sat a little dumb-founded, studying Rosa, how can a woman so beautiful, so cultured, and highly educated, confess to such a thing. We knew of women who, in their eyes, bestow the ultimate mother's love on their c***d. I was shocked, but intrigued. I sat with her and was captivated by her refined tones, I am not a lesbian but have experimented with women, and right now I felt drawn-in. Like me, she was the product of sexual advance from our fathers, they saw us as we grew and their lusting grew with us, so our way of thinkin… Weiterlesen

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A Boring summer holiday - Day 2

Erstes MalMasturbationTabu

Both Sam and Jo were woken the following morning by their mother calling up the stairs “I'm off to work I've left a list of chores for you to do don't forget see you this evening. “ About an hour later Sam was woken again. This time by his s****r. Jo kissed him on the forehead and climbed on to his bed.” Morning Sam. Thanks for yesterday it was great fun.” Sam looked at his s****r she was wearing a floral print nightdress. He had seen it before, not on his s****r but only in the washing. Normally if she was up and still wearing her pjs she was well covered by her robe. “We'd better get up… Weiterlesen

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It's our life style

Erstes MalLesben SexTabu

My sextsee. We finally got our dream house no k**s home there on vacation with the grandparents so we got the collage girl next door to house sit for use wile we shop the hole time I new we both like how hot she was big tits,ass and we could tell that she was felling how fly we are . So where heading out to the mall day of shopping so as you where down stairs getting you guess bag and phone we forgot to put up our sex toys / fat dick dildo , vibrators lube and strapons I.e our bag of tricks I left the stuff out on the in plain view to be seen. So where out hanging after a night of porn ,se… Weiterlesen

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My mum's birthday

Erstes MalReifTabu

I knew that my mum had let herself go a bit after my father had left her for a younger woman over a year ago. Although she was aged 50 and rather overweight, she would go out dressed in skintight leggings and a tight t-shirt with no bra, which accentuated her big round belly and surprisingly firm breasts and prominent nipples. Although no oil painting, she would get a lot of attention from some men, and would happily take drinks bought for her until she was well pissed. I had long harboured secret desires for her, in fact I first started getting improper thoughts in my teens when she took to… Weiterlesen

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Dad's Friend


My dad's friend Bob was driving me home after the rodeo out of town. We were on an old country road when Bob pulled over and turned the car off. I looked at him and asked "What are you doing?" He told me "Get naked. Take your clothes off." I said "Are you k**ding?" He told me "Get naked or I will tell your dad I caught you fucking one of the cowboys in the horse stall. I know you fucked my son Freddie and he said you was a great wide fuck. He said you suck cock good and he fucked you twice so get naked and suck my cock because I am going to get some of that hot cunt of yours." Bob wasn't bad l… Weiterlesen

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My little s****r took my virginity last weekend

Erstes MalMasturbationTabu

The other night when our parents were gone for the weekend, my s****r came into my room at night and asked if she could sl**p in my room because her heater was broken. I said sure and went to get the spare mattress. When I came back, she was in my double bed. "Can't I just sl**p with you in your bed?", she asked innocently. "Uh...sure" I said, I thought it wouldn't be a problem (I'm 16 and she's 14) I climbed in, and we lay down facing sideways in opposite directions, turned off the light, and started falling asl**p. Just as I was losing consciousness, I feel my s****r moving next to me. She'… Weiterlesen

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