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My bro Made Me Do It

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The Continuation of my previous story “All Because She Was With-Holding” Please read the previous story before continuing or it may not make sense as to how this night all got started! As a reminder this story is 100% true the names were changed to protect the not so innocent! I sat down on the couch next to Dan as the last few minutes of the game ticked away. At one point Dan’s little b*o Miguel was yelling at the TV after one of the players made a three point shot. They were excited and I could honestly care less about basketball and the NBA. We all were discussing the game and some pl… Weiterlesen

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Punishment To a Innocent Wife

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Hi friends this is my first story here. Hope you all like it if you’re interested in us you can join us and please provide your important comments so I can submit more stories of our actions you can also get connected to me at A Story by Cockold hubby !!! Let me introduce myself I’m 26 years old Hindu male from Mumbai working in a reputed MNC, I have been married for 2 years to a very good looking, obedient and intelligent wife. She is Gaurangana 5.3, 64 kgs, 36 32 36 fair. After 1 years of good sex life with her I was getting bored of my sex life there w… Weiterlesen

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Alysha impaled by a Black Cock

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Alysha's Version of events I’ve always dreamed of having a black man impale me. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a white boyfriend, but sadly he does not do it for me sexually. The best sex I’ve had up until a few days ago was my boyfriend fucking me in the missionary with my legs over his shoulders, but imagining a black man doing it to me instead. I don’t think there is anything wrong for a woman to fantasise being fucked by someone other than your current boyfriend. However, the best sex I had was on Boxing Day, where I had a chance meeting with a beautiful black man by the name… Weiterlesen

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Daddy fucked Alysha for shoes

HardcoreInterracial SexTabu Danny’s version of events. It was Boxing Day, the day after Christmas and I had to work in Sear’s in the shoe area at Barkeley Mall in Goldsboro, North Carolina. I have a holiday home nearby and spend my time between London and North Carolina because I have relatives on both sides of the water. I particularly love working in a shoe store because I the love the look and smell of a good woman’s feet. They need to be Perfectly formed with nails varnished red, which is my favourite colour. At exactly 9am I heard the crowd’s storm into… Weiterlesen

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Helping widow mom date again Part IV - Black seed

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We practically didn't spoke the next weeks. She was embarrassed for the confession that she got pleasure making me jealous and I couldn't look her in the eyes after I discovered she always knew I masturbate fantasying about her. She obviously got blackmailed again as the video spread in the internet, but now she didn't want my help or even tell me about that. I didn't took an effort myself. I just wanted to forget it. One day the bell ringed. It was a cab driver asking me if I knew my mother's name. She was inside the car parked outside. I went there. As I saw her she looked terrible. I ins… Weiterlesen

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Another Great Black Woman

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This story happened during a time I had sworn off black women. Since the first time I had sex with a black woman I never had actual sex with a white woman but after a bad experience with a black woman I'd started talking to this white girl I used to know. I wasn't really attracted to her like I was to black women but I wanted to try to be with her. However I think she could tell there was no real sexual attraction from me and was trying to put me off and it was starting to make me mad. Plus she lived with her parents and I lived with a family member too and it was hard to be alone anyway. W… Weiterlesen

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Girl with bro and father

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I have 14 y***s when it started. Now I got 28. I have sexy long hair, long legs, cute pussy, 34d boobs. My family contains my mom, father and my loving brother. We have a small home because we are middle class family. My brother and me sleep in one bed room on same bed since from k**s. My father and mother sleep in another bed room. It started like this, one day after dinner we all gone to sleep. At mid night at 1 O clock I heard notices from my father's bed room like big bouncing sounds. My brother also awoke when I hearing this. But I didn't move from my position. my brother stand fr… Weiterlesen

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Swiss teenage escort


I have read a lot of stories on the site, and I wanted to share an experience of mine. A few years ago I went to Zurich for a meeting, and spent a few days in a hotel. I had a lot of time free and some money to burn, so I looked up a few escort sites. I am not sure what led me to the one I spent a long time looking at, but the girls there were just a whole lot more fresh. They gave a variety of styles and the rates were quite reasonable, and for hotel visits too. I saw a few of the girls didn’t have an age published next to them, and this made me more and more curious. So, I dropped them an… Weiterlesen

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Crab island 2


Breakfast next morning was quiet as the assorted lovers took stock of their experiences. They had remained in their groupings overnight and Molly remembered fondly her son's vigorous fucking of her twice more during the night. Jack, too, had great memories of his sister's lissome body writhing in ecstasy as they fucked each other to sleep. The three cousins, Greg, Cara and Sarah, had probably had the least sex for shortly after Greg fucked his sister they had fallen asleep, awaking in a cozy tangle of limbs shortly before breakfast. "Are you still modelling for me, Cara?" John asked as the… Weiterlesen

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Crab island 1


"Cara, honey?" said Jack Credy. "Yes, Dad?" "Remember the holiday surprise I mentioned? Well, it's time I told you where we're going. We have Crab Island Lodge - and Crab Island, of course - to ourselves for a week, from tomorrow." "Great!" Cara said, eyes shining. "There'll be me, your Mom, you and John, of course, but your aunt Jill and the twins are coming, too." "Double great! How many rooms?" "Four; two doubles, two twins." Her father grinned. "And no one else on the island. Once the boat leaves and we're out of sight of anyone, you can take your clothes off and stay nak… Weiterlesen

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Caught again by another friends mom!


Caught again by another friends mom! Almost very similar situation as the last. The trio of friends always at each others house as if we were brothers. Well growing up we knew we'd grow apart someway somehow. Charles had to work so Roger and I decided to take a dip in his pool. We knew Charles's parents were at work so we took advantage of the free open pool. Charles was suppose to meet us up after work and time should have evened out so his parents didn't catch us. Well swam, splashed, and acted as if we were young k**s again. It was fun relaxing took our minds off of the intense schoo… Weiterlesen

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The Masterbation Chronicles: Anal Puke Whores


The last time we hung out was the last time I've seen such a sexy girl make herself throw up. I'll never forget how turned on I was when you took it upon yourself to set up that entire scene. I mean, I guess it wasn't so much that you set up a scene but it was that specific scene. You did every filthy thing imahpgunable and didn't charge any of us anything. It was really hot watching you swallow load after load of every ones cum after they had been drilling you in that sweet ass. Not once did you bother wiping off any of their dicks and went straight for a2m. Your butthole was wide fucki… Weiterlesen

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Late Night Movies (chapter 6)

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Daddy looked deep in thought after I begged to stay up and watch movies with him and my mom. They were both more than a bit buzzed when they came in the door but now, Daddy especially had a very serious look about him. I added one more, "Pleee-heese?" and an, "I missed you!" for good measure. Daddy was contemplating and difficult to read. When hope grew, when he looked for a moment as if he might actually NOT send me to bed he looked to my mom. When I saw her expression I knew she was against it from the start. My vision went blurry as my eyes welled with tears. "B-b-but? Its not a sc-… Weiterlesen

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Another Cruise


Anne loved big cocks, the bigger the better as far as she was concerned and as far as I was concerned too when I was watching or imagining her taking when away. The thing was she seemed able to sense when a big cock was around, I remember one time we were heading out for the day down to Maslins Beach we could have driven a short distance from our home but had decided to take our cruise Midnight Blue instead as we hadn't used her for a couple of weeks. At our marina there was a guy in his forties checking out a cruiser similar to our that was for sale, as we were getting ready he was asking us… Weiterlesen

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Are you going through my daughters panties?

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It's a normal Friday night over at Rachael's house along with some the guys just hanging out chatting, watching tv, and trying out a few beers and such. At one point in the night Rachael asks if I can stay at her house tomorrow to watch her dogs while shes at work all day as well as her dad. Sure enough being a good friend I say yeah no problem. So the night goes on and we all have a good time and later that night we all go upstairs to sleep in her room. It's Saturday morning around 10am and I wake up. I look around and notice no one else is here as they have all either gone home or to work… Weiterlesen

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I slept with my boyfriends moms boyfriends (part 2


... so we finished up and showered. He drove me home. My mom arrived that night. The normal teenage routine continued, going out with our parents or our siblings and seeing one a other everyother weekend. Sex was still going on. The would be time hed ride his bike to my house and sneak in thru my bedroom window... Before you knew it was summer & we are officially juniors. His mom had a big bar b q gathering to celebrate her boyfriend graduating. I went and it was nearly impossible to get him alone, I must admit I was feeling jealous of his mom all over her boyfriend. What is wrong with me? I… Weiterlesen

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The Lonely Wife 12


Chapter 12 Afterwards we all went downstairs and had some drinks and after Donovan went home. Jenny and I fixed dinner. Just before we ate Jenny came over to me and hugged me. “I love you Mom. Thanks for be so cool.” “I love you too Jenny and thank you for letting your dad fuck you today. He really wanted you and to get you with sloppy pussy full of cum was probably one of his biggest fantasies.” “I liked it too. Mom, what would you think if I went away with Daddy for a weekend? I would like to really have some serious fucking with him. Donovan could come over and be with you.” “That woul… Weiterlesen

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For Her


Jim could not believe he had just fucked his step daughter. He had wanted to since he began dating her mom and now that they were married she was under his roof and his cock was always hard thinking of her. She had pouty lips that begged to be kissed and nice full tits under her tight t-shirt. His cock got hard when he saw the hard nipples poking against the fabric. Then there was that sexy ass. He just wanted to grab it with his hands and feel it so bad. Today he was just out of the shower when she opened the door and stared at his naked body. His cock got hard seeing her in just her panties… Weiterlesen

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The Lonely Wife 11


Chapter 11 After Donovan went home Jack and I were in the family room watching TV. “So are you really OK with all that is going on?” Jack asked “Absolutely! Before you and I were growing apart now we can get off thinking about sexy stuff. Our little girl now has a boyfriend that knows how fuck her good and she wants to try new things too. We are now a family that has common interest and that is having great sex but we also know how to love. Are you OK with things as they are?” “Yes but I am worried about one thing.” “What’s that?” “I had no idea that I would get so turned on by my Jenny… Weiterlesen

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A mother's love

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Vera and her 18 year old son, Alfred Jr. were sitting on the sofa when Vera showed Alfred Jr. what she found under his bed. "Do these pictures excite you," while flipping through the pages that displayed naked women? Alfred Jr. couldn't believe this was happening to him. He was totally embarrassed that his mom had found his stash of porn magazines. To sit here and have to look at them with her, well it was just too much! He was snapped back to reality when she asked, "Do these pictures excite you?" "Um, I don't know," he fairly whispered, "I just like looking at them… Weiterlesen

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