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It was inside me and I was powerless to stop it.


This story is tinged with shame, it is not something I am proud to admit to, but it happened when it was not supposed to, and as I recall the events, I realized just how easy it is to happen, and when it is happening, everything culminates to an incredible experience, and yes I have an extremely open mind and a willingness to be intimate with more than men. I am older now and at an age where I can make such choices, but my first time was when I was confused about sexual matters, a hormonal imbalance that made me need to want it, not necessarily with what happened, but putting myself in such… Weiterlesen

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Cobblers Beach in Sydney is a nude beach, it is one of the prettiest harbor beaches. It nestles into a little bay surrounded by steep hillside National Park. It faces west, so it’s a perfect place to relax in the fading late afternoon sunshine. My wife and daughter were busy and could not come with me this time, so I went alone, just a towel and a small backpack with book, water and suncream. It was about 4.30pm, the beach was pleasantly unpopulated, just a few people – mostly naked single men – lounging around. During the day there’s no open sex on the beach, that takes place in the surro… Weiterlesen

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An Early Thanksgiving Stuffing

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I had a little time to kill while driving home yesterday afternoon so I took a detour and stopped by the adult book/video store to check out the booths and maybe get a quick blowjob. I figured I could at least knock one out before starting the long holiday weekend. I wrote about this place a few months back and I've been here a few times since for a little fun, but nothing worth writing about. I parked, went in the middle door and bought a $6 video card and then back out and into the room with the tall booths. For some reason I always go into a booth in the middle of the room.… Weiterlesen

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Delia, Robbie and Me

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My s****r, Delia, and I stood outside his bedroom door, both of us trying desperately to suppress a giggle. Our little b*****r was beating his meat again, and he isn't quiet about it. We could hear slapping noises, amidst the grunts and groans, as he whacked himself off. "Oh God, oh God, Sib, suck my cock, baby...Dee, keep rubbing your pussy.... Ohhh." Delia dragged me away from the door. "Did you hear that, Sybil? He's calling our names." "I think it would be fun to make his fantasies come true." "Do you mean fuck him?" "Why not?" "But that's i****t." "And what we do with… Weiterlesen

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Meagan and Matt

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I give my b*****r my virginity I fell in love with my b*****r when I was in the eighth grade. I've always loved Matt, but when I was thirteen, I fell IN love with him. At the time when I reached puberty, and my hormones kicked in, and all the other girls my age were going goo-goo over boys in our class, all my dreams and fantasies revolved around my b*****r, who is two years older than I am. I had just started my senior year in high school, when on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was hit by two airliners. Matt felt he had to join up, to stand up for his country. I was ter… Weiterlesen

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I Love When He Calls Me sis

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A s****r lets her b*****r climb into her bed. * * I know this story is long, but I did it that way for myself and my own enjoyment. I also tried to make the "build up" as long as I possible could. It might seem more than a little bit excessive, but I loved writing it like this. We were driving slowly because of the snowy roads. Mom and Dad were in the front seat, and I was sitting in the back seat with my b*****r Tim. I hadn't seen him since he left for college in September and it was so wonderful being close again. I would giggle and he would call me sis. He always calls me si… Weiterlesen

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Helping My b*****r

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"You're shittin me." I thought there was a punch line in there from my big b*****r. "I wish," and he cast his eyes down. "Don't know why I'm telling you this but you can't share this with a soul. Sara, I don't know who to go to. It's embarrassing. Sue does NOT want to have sex with me anymore." I did not know what to say. I mean Nick is just 31, how could this be? A good looking guy. I began thinking about Suzanne and there was always something a little cold fishy about her and I can't say we were close. I love her as f****y but I'd have never picked her as a friend and never much unders… Weiterlesen

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Helping My b*****r Ch. 02

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This story makes much more sense if you begin with Helping my b*****r the first Chapter. Enjoy. ------ I had sex with my b*****r Nick and was now laying in bed with him on his boat during our fishing trip. Before falling asl**p I had run through all the ramifications of what I had done, including how I could possibly sexually satisfy two men. The word which kept running through my head was i****t, sex with my b*****r. But it didn't feel like i****t at all, but then I had no idea what it would be like except for how incredible my body felt. I'd never had feelings for Nick until he… Weiterlesen

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Helping My b*****r Ch. 03

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This story follows a chapter 1 and chapter 2, which I would recommend reading first. Back to Reality I am in a relationship with my b*****r. Sitting in the passenger seat as we head back home from the best sex in my life, looking out the window watching the trees go by. Everything seems so verdant and green. My body zinging as I sit here. Back to the real world and I look over, he is looking straight ahead; one of the most beautiful men I have ever looked at. And no one can ever know the butterflies I feel; or, how when we look at each other - no matter what - it will never… Weiterlesen

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I Treated the Slut Like Shit...


She's a minger and she knows it: forty with a wonky eye, overweight and with an abundance of moles on her arms with a large one on her stomach. Her personal hygiene leaves a little to be desired too but she has big tits and nipples though. She absolutely adores me but the thing is I just don't give a damn about her: she is just a sexual object to me like the majority of my women. And I have had loads,fucking loads. On the plus side, however, she is a tad kinky – I guess it’s the only thing the ugly bitch has going for her. Anyway, it's Wednesday and my day off – I know s… Weiterlesen

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I Shag, Dump and Slap the Minging Slut!


I’m just on the way round to see the Minger… it’ll be for the last time because once I’ve shagged her gross little body I’m going to dump her… naturally she doesn’t know that. In fact I’ve really been quite nice to her recently… well nice by my standards… built up her hopes that we will be ‘an item’, perhaps get married one day. Me… married? That’s a fucking laugh… show me a ‘happily’ married man and I’ll show you a fucking loser… and I’ll tell you why he’s a fucking loser… it’s because he’s a liar… a liar mainly to himself. The marriage thing probably starts out alright but after a bit –… Weiterlesen

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When the boss is away.....Suzie will play!


Ring....Ring....Ring "Acme Realty, Suzie speaking" "Hey you, how's your day going"? "Go-ould" Sounding flustered.. "You OK"? "Yeah, I'm fine, I just drop something and bent over to pick IT up" I remember this phone call because it was one of the hottest stories she confessed to me and remember the oddity of the conversation. Our phone conversation only lasted a minute or so, but how I wished I knew what was happening on the other end of the line at the time. I remember keeping her on longer than usual suspecting something, but she said someone was needing her and she had… Weiterlesen

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Mum I don’t know how it all started…..well that’s not true….I do…..I was part of it. It was one morning when I was laying in bed. Jenny, my long term partner, had left for work and as I didn’t have any commitments until later in the day I was having a lay-in. The tv was on and I was idly watching the news when my mother came in with two cups of tea, one for each of us. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched with me then said ‘Budge up, it’s a bit chilly out here.’ indicating that she wanted to get into the bed with me I was bit perturbed about this as she only had on a thin nighty a… Weiterlesen

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Voyeur babysitter part 2


This is part 2 of a tale but can be read alone. All comments and feedback appreciated.If you like it,check out my other stories. Abby had been our regular babysitter for a few months.I had purchased a nanny cam of my own since borrowing one the first time Abby minded our son Stuart. I had discovered Abby was a right dirty little thing.She was a very pretty petite blonde.She hadn't got long legs,but they were very nice all the same.And more importantly, she almost always masturbated on my sofa while babysitting. I always recorded her on my nannycam and masturbated myself afterwards.I had man… Weiterlesen

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On any Given Sunday in America

Erstes MalSchwule MännerTabu

sex attitudes in the 70s were far more stoic than internet or vhs porn to corrupt,educate and emulate. Hell, in Canada porn was i*****l so going across the US line was common with desperate pervs. Since the archaic laws kept bars closed Sundays, and football rhymes with beer, road trips were social events and regular This trip my girlfriend and a couple went, getting rel d***k that when noticing a porn cinema on the way home, the couple insisted we go watch the movie, "Deep Throat'.....Id never seen a dirty movie and agreed, but my date said it was degrading to women a… Weiterlesen

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Weekend with cousin Kara


Last summer, both my parents and my cousin Kara's parents decided to go on a camping trip for the weekend. Since my aunt and uncle did not trust Kara to stay on her own, they asked me to watch over her for the weekend. For my troubles they gave me $100 for the weekend. Kara and I got along very well. Since I was older than her by 3 years she has always looked up to me. Ever since we were younger she was always like a lost puppy following me where ever I went. Although she is a little bit older she still likes to tag along from time to time. Our weekend started out Saturday morning as I… Weiterlesen

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{Non-Fiction, Quite True: . . . Hospital Erotic M


Hospital Erotic Menstrual Encounter (MF, rom, romantic, erotic menstrual play, hospital setting) {the following is a memoir of a completely true erotic encounter that happened to me several years ago, as told in an email to a close female friend who shares my menstrual sex interests} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Suzy, I really enjoyed chatting with you last night, hope you enjoyed chatting with me as well. It's so nice to have a "biological female" friend (i.e., a nice lady who is one in RL and isn't a guy pretending to be a girl online) who shares my interest in periods and… Weiterlesen

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Coming Home


On the airplane coming home, McKay and I had sex again in the bathroom. I think we both made enough noise that the pilots heard us. One of the hostess had told us about a party flight, where a bunch of horny people drink and fuck the whole time they are in the air. She said it's like a huge orgy in the sky. McKay gave her his cellphone number and said for her to call us the next time it comes up. McKay drove me back to my store where my car was left. Julie had been taking over for the past week. She had been cleaning and getting everything into place as I walked in the back door. I w… Weiterlesen

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More Female Dark Sexual Secrets

FetischErstes MalTabu

It certainly raises eyebrows as it emerges there was a strong possibility she was that uninhibited, a repulsive thought to those sexually dead, a strange sensation bordering on incredulous, watching her perform and go the whole way. We are of course discussing the indulgence and acceptable sexual pleasures that a girl will practice in her early years, when her mind is awash with this forbidden pleasure, as her long fingers reach between her quite literately quivering thighs, to encircle the warm rigid fleshy penis, trying its damnedest to couple with her, and guide him home, and pleasure he… Weiterlesen

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Suzie's adventure continues...


After the Sunday morning blow job on Tom in the office, Suzie's mid-thirties insatiable sexual desire came into full swing. She was a woman unchained and ready to experience as much extramarital sex as she could possibly have without me finding out. There was a small 10 x 12 storage room just outside the office where the company archived their paper records. Suzie was responsible for keeping it organized. This was where Suzie and Tom would fucked for the first time. The next time she saw Tom was a few days later. He came in and Suzie was at the reception desk answering phones and fil… Weiterlesen

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