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An old High School friend

... Jane and I went to school together from elementary school, through High School. Her last name and mine shared the same letter, so we had the same home room every year and she lived about 8 blocks... Forfahren»
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suis je une salope 4

... J'ouvrais lentement la porte, complètement émoustillée, j'étendais mon bras sur toute sa hauteur, prenais un regard de braise et voyais les yeux de mon invité devenir ronds comme des soucoupes... Forfahren»
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CHAPTER 2 of First Time After Few Year Apart

... Ok, here I'm to finish the story, I'm sorry I had to quit but here it is.

So yes after a long time in the shower and all that great contact we had, between kissing, nibbling, touching... Forfahren»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 3

... Iron manacles were attached to the newly-named Xena’s wrists and ankles. Then, by means of pulleys and chains, she was hauled aloft towards the ceiling. There she hung, swaying to and fro, taking... Forfahren»
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mi amiga del instituto 4

... Esa mañana era distinta ya que no debía llegar al instituto, ya que debía ir a una entrevista para el patrocinio.

Llegue a la empresa en el norte de la ciudad allí se encontraban mas compañeros... Forfahren»
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Pelorosso 1

... La mia amica Francesca farebbe di tutto per vedermi felice, ed io per lei la stessa cosa.
Sara' che ci conosciamo da tanti anni, sara' che la pensiamo sempre nella stessa maniera, sara... Forfahren»
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Carol tells a story....3

... Belldonn was one of the few guys I had toyed with that enjoyed the relationship my husband and I had. He knew how I liked sex and always did it just right- today would be no different.

Belldonn... Forfahren»
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Head Contest pt 2

... continued from last page.
i had my cameraphone all set. i started thinking i was getting very excited about getting head from 15 women, i was hoping i wouldn't nut too fast lol. well, at the 15th girl... Forfahren»
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Sex on a Trampoline

... Somersby had always regarded gymnastics as strictly a female activity, until his old friend Alex Rieger told him he had been a member of a gymnastics club for some time. The 19 year old listened... Forfahren»
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Part 3 of the first time

... It was a rather long dry scary ride home on the icy wind swept Interstate around the city. We didn't talk about sex atlthough I kept reminding him I would feel much fresher had I taken a shower... Forfahren»
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vervolg operatie knie sexbeurt

... Ik was even bekomen en we lagen naast elkaar,ze lag met mijn halfslappe lul in haar hand wat te spelen,terwijl ik tussen haar benen,lichtjes over haar clitje wreef...
We lagen zo al een poosje bezig... Forfahren»
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Another Letter to My Friend Keith (About My Neighb

... Hi Keith. To make a long story short I'm pretty sure that I'm sexually addicted to my neighbor. It all started when I ran into him where he works. He started small talk with me and then invited me... Forfahren»
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Студент съм. Семестърът свърши преди две седмици и както всяка година, последният ден имаше танцова забава. Там срещнах Анджела. Беше на 18 и току що беше пристигнала в града. От... Forfahren»
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Second time

... About 6 weeks ago (at the time of writing this) I had my first experience of wanking naked with another man. Gary, a work colleague of my wife's, watched me wanking for a while then joined... Forfahren»
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Családi viszonyok 1.

... Talált történet:

Anyósom egy - számomra - gyönyörű nő. Meglehetősen alacsony. Kislányos
arca, tekintete van. Mindenből van neki, ami kell. Dús, de nem túl nagy
mellei vannak, szép feneke, egyenes... Forfahren»
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You make it Mua-Fuckin' Sweat

... I would lick the Sweat from up under her Titties, witty emotional thriggy thrashin' pulses pouncin'while ousting your wet warm. Nani probably taste like VeNOM inner in a off vaginal wall.Rip thru when... Forfahren»
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The Split Second Part 4

... Now with my confidence restored and my cock still waiting to explode with just one touch I knew it was now my turn to let my teen lust free and try to make him feel the way he just made me feel. I... Forfahren»
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The Meeting

... He gathered her into his arms and as he did so he whispered “I want you” in her ear

She kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue searching out his and hugged him closer to her

As their lips... Forfahren»
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a weekend getaway

... Doug and Kathy were a devoted couple, they love each other very much. With a big f****y they didn't have a lot of time for each other so they decided to take a vacation. Drive up to San Francisco... Forfahren»
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Goddess Manuela - Part 5: Stag Night

... When my eyes opened, I saw Goddess Manuela sitting on the sofa next to my bed. She stood up without a word and took out a seringe from her handbag. I just had the time for a last glance at her beauty... Forfahren»
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