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HOW I MASTURBATE - Wet jerking


... I first began jerking off wet about 15 years ago, at a time when I wanted to try different ways to masturbate to my magazine pictures. I first tried water-based lubes - lotion, cremes & KY… Weiterlesen

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vacation 11


... We must have been very drained from all the very full days, not to mention the almost non-stop sex because neither of us woke up until we heard the k**s knocking on our door, wondering when we were… Weiterlesen

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BtVS - Good Clean Fun

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... Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Good Clean Fun "Hey D, we're home," Faith called out as she and Vi came through the door. "How was patrol?" Dawn asked with a grin, coming to greet them. "Not bad… Weiterlesen

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Jayce FJ Chronicles II: Third GF Feet

FetischInterracial Sex

... Name: Chell Age: 23 Height: 5'4" Body Type: Petite (105) [Below Avg Looking, No Boobs, Tight Firm Ass] Feet Size: 6-6.5 Ethnicity: White Other: A Virgo, country girl, loves c***dren… Weiterlesen

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Fucking the elderly


... I am 18, I work part time as a lifeguard at my local pool, but I also work part time as a carer, looking after elderly people, going to their homes, cooking them dinner, cleaning the house… Weiterlesen

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Новые ощущения

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... Когда Вика призналась мне, что любит заниматься сексом с женщинами, я почувствовала, как по телу пробежал электрический ток. - Это действительно здорово, - сказала она с огоньком в глазах. Она… Weiterlesen

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My first ever story about my dirty milf Gemma


... My wife Gemma often shares with me when she fancies a bloke either on the TV or in real life. For ages she has told me how she has a crush on a young bloke working as a student at our local… Weiterlesen

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Story 1


... Maybe she didn’t think I could see her, or maybe she did… either way it didn’t matter, the way she moved on the bed in her blue panties just screamed ‘fuck me’. With her back to me she moved her hips… Weiterlesen

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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

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... So, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy… Weiterlesen

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... People rarely think of the home as a particularly glamorous place for sex. And mostly they are right. But its still the place that 90% of our best sex occurs. Anything that happens in a kitchen… Weiterlesen

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Lani & James: Their First Time (Part 1 I may d

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... My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years now and we still haven't fucked yet. We're both still virgins and it sucks ass. I still have my hymen and I'm 19. He's 21. He's a nerdy scrawny little… Weiterlesen

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First One Now Another Big One

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... Bobby would text once a week with orders for Jenny. Sometimes early in the week to set up a weekend session other times a last minute booty call. But she always complied because she dare not risk… Weiterlesen

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Sarah's and Carole, her lover

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... I am lay on the eiderdown, on my back, with my legs wide apart, dressed only in my undersized silk bra and silk tight fitting panties. My pleasure is swelling and your eyes are being drawn… Weiterlesen

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first date P2

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... I grabbed the door and held it for you and heard you say thank you. Thank me later. The hostess asked how many and I said just the 2 of us. She then said booth or table sir. I gazed into the eating… Weiterlesen

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She said give me a bedtime story.


... You'd wear stockings, garter belt, a short skirt and a shirt you don't care for the buttons on. I'd likely meet you somewhere public but with private booths with no pesky waitresses, where I would… Weiterlesen

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Jackie's Crossdressing Fantasy


... My wife is out of town, giving me a great opportunity to fulfill my fantasy of being an all out cum slut in front of a crowd. I go all out dressing up as a sexy slut for party that I am about… Weiterlesen

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guitar man


... I wondered the street ,strowling down the alleyways of this dark city,not knowing where to go.It was all new to me having left my master at the hotel asl**p i though it would be good to cool down… Weiterlesen

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Die Burg


... Wir haben unsere Decke im Burghof ausgebreitet. Da sich hier nur sehr selten Spaziergänger her verirren liegen wir nackt auf der Decke. Das Wetter ist herrlich. Einige Zeit unterhalten… Weiterlesen

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So there's this woman on xhamster.....


... Like a thief in the night, she enticed me with her preview pic and stole my sense of control. She's from S. Africa, exotic by an Americans standards. I entered her cam session and was instantly… Weiterlesen

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Im Hotel ist es immer am Geilsten --- Teil 2


... ... Thomas Schwanz verlor schnell an Größe und baumelte nun wieder zwischen seinen Beinen, an der Eichelspitze bildete sich noch ein letzter Tropfen seiner Sacksuppe. Ich lag immer… Weiterlesen

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