Big Boob Mature Taking All of a Thick Cock in her Mouth

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vor 1 Jahr
Asi es como se hace una verdadera mamada. Bien.
vor 2 Jahre
Much better than all those pornstar movies... just my opinion :)
vor 3 Jahre
Damn dude, Marti is a member on this site. why steal her shit ?
vor 4 Jahre
Ya gotta love a cum loving slut!
vor 4 Jahre
vor 4 Jahre
Where's the fucking cum?
vor 4 Jahre
vor 5 Jahre
martidds of
vor 5 Jahre
fantastic boobs too!!!
vor 5 Jahre
what a talented mouth!!!
vor 5 Jahre
love the sight of heavy soft breasts hanging off an older woman's chest. the pliant sagging flesh pulled down by horny sucking mouths of the past, still erotic and plump and full. the nipples tongued and sucked by previous lovers... confession: i have a secret love affair with my grandmother's breasts. i saw her changing one time when i was visiting - when her bra fell off i couldn't believe the size and youthful look of her nipples. she has large breasts with brownish-pink nipples, the areolas wide and peppered with a few of those areola bumps i find so fucking hot and sexy- so ready for a young tongue... i couldn't get the sight of my grandmother's perfect breasts out of my mind! god, i wanted to flop them in my mouth and suck them so bad after that. i'd stare at her nipples protruding through soft sweaters, and fantasize about her lifting the fabric, asking me to suck them, suck them so hard, till both my mouth and her nipples were sore. i'd masturbate in the guest room next to hers where i slept when i came to visit, imaging going into the darkness of her room, her waiting for me, sliding her nightie off to expose her full naked body, then getting beneath her, having her dangle her beautiful soft pendulums over me, flicking my tongue around her huge pebbled nipples, causing the breasts to sway back and forth. i've wanted to lick slow circles around my grandmother's areolas for so long, making the aged nipples stiffen with pleasure. i'd like her to take me in her mouth then, pulling large warm gulps of my cock while kneading my balls, expertly tugging my scrotum sack, milking the hot jism out with her hand and mouth, her other hand grabbing my ass, pulling me into her as much as she can, as i buck and tremble and explode over and over into her warm loving mouth. oh grandma...
vor 5 Jahre
Awesome blow and face-fuck, pity there's no 'ending' :(
vor 5 Jahre
This lovely lady sucked that cock with expert style. I bet she got a really big load of cum juice to swallow that time. LOL
vor 5 Jahre
I watch all her films every day, really does it for me.
vor 5 Jahre
awesome blow job!!!!!
vor 5 Jahre
would luv to suck on those tits
vor 5 Jahre
great head
big fuckin tits!
love her

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