Wife fucking some dude

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She went shopping and brought this guy home

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vor 2 Monate
I watched my wife Barb fuck guys like this to get them to cum in her pussy on a Saturday night in our home in Fort Collins, CO. She would pick up a CSU college student at one of the dance clubs downtown, usually Washington's, and have them follow her home. Barb would fuck them in our spare bedroom downstairs while I hid in the family room and watched. After barb fucked them three or four times, she would send them on their way so I could eat and fuck her while we talked about how he felt inside her, how big his penis was compared to mine, and how many times she felt them cum in her.
vor 2 Monate
send over to fuck my wife please
vor 4 Monate
Dig in that pussy!
vor 4 Monate
Great home made! Love her sounds without cameraman talking...Thanks for posting
vor 4 Monate
The lady sure knows how to shop, cool !!!
vor 4 Monate
Well, I hope she at least remembered your favourite cereal...Looks like she got her oats!

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