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XHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing

Based on feedback from users like you, xHamster is unveiling an entirely new redesign.
xHamster has always been a social community of individuals and friends. We are powered by huge number of people, from different backgrounds and beliefs, who came together to shape the future of the website. Through it all, our motto remains: “Just porn no bullshit”!
Meet new xHamster, based entirely on your feedback!

xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing

We`ve launched Night Mode!
Watching, uploading or chatting – privacy is above all! We know most of our users visit the site late at night, and we believe that if you’re watching a cuckold stepmom gangbang at 2AM, it’s nobody’s business but your own! Just set xHamster for Night Mode, and the site will switch to a low-light black background.

We’re more functional.
Based on your recommendations, we restructured the site navigation, and the way we break out content. As a result, xHamster is faster and easier to explore than ever.

We’re getting bigger … and smaller!
xHamster is one of the biggest sites on the internet, but we improved functionality for mobile devices. Meanwhile, we’ve increased the size of our video thumbnails, increased number of videos per page and overall improved visual quality. We took your feedback into consideration when designing the site, so we hope you like what you see … and that you see more of it!

We’re moving quicker!
The new website operates with an HTML5 player, meaning it’s extremely fast and responsive. It also allows you to adjust the video quality, gives you the ability to autoplay and the capacity to expand the video in to large mode. Watching our videos has never been more fun!

xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing 3

We’ve got good news!
Based on your feedback, we made the My News section more easily accessible from the Menu, meaning you have better access to content updates from your friends and people you are subscribed to. Your personal updates — friend requests, comments, and gifts —now appear in the Notifications section.

xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing 4

We’ve launched a social revolution!
We’ve totally revolutionized our Messages interface with contact names to the left, so that you could have a space for conversations. You can now more easily see a list of your most recent conversations, as well as your current chat — easily switch between both.
You can also now “Search By Messages” using usernames —– yeah, we know, you`ve been waiting for this feature for too long!

xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing 5

We’ve got style!
Browsing the new xHamster, you’ll see a host of new elements, and cleaner site navigation and greater functionality. We’ve also updated our dearest friends and partners — our Reviewers, Producers, Partners & Upload sections have all been vastly improved.

xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing 6

We’ve put a lot of work into making xHamster the best site on the web, but we’re not done — not by a long shot! Over the coming months, we’ll be adding even more improvements. So if there’s something you see that needs changing, don’t be silent.
Leave note in the comments here or send us a message!

xHamster Reveals New Web Design for Public Testing 7

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vor 2 Stunden
Nein Danke..... netter Versuch....
vor 5 Stunden
the change is hard to accept :)
vor 8 Stunden
If you guys are reading the comments here you would see that those people that wish to respond are overwhelmingly in favor of the old version.  However, like most companies you also realize that you have invested a lot of money in this new version so you are not about to admit that it's unpopular and eventually the criticism will die down and the public be damned, we will just have to adjust.
vor 8 Stunden
Fucking infantile new version! NO, NO, NO!
vor 11 Stunden
Bring back the old version. New version sucks.
vor 11 Stunden
I just feel the old faster...
vor 17 Stunden
Prefer the old version!
vor 18 Stunden
Nice !
vor 22 Stunden
The old version was much more user friendly.  The new one is slower for the kind of navigating I do and harder to find my way around.  Please give me the option of using the old version.
vor 1 Tag
I love the new version!
vor 1 Tag
Why no option to switch back to the old version?
vor 1 Tag
i hate white people !!! but i'll fuck your women !!
vor 1 Tag
Why does the same box keep coming up regarding "Try the new Xhamster". I don't want to try it but I don't have a choice now as you've taken the old one away. Okay, I get it but don't keep asking me the same question!
vor 1 Tag
sorry but the new version truly  sucks
vor 1 Tag
Old version please.  In this era of fake everything the new Xhamster fits right in.  The comments are fake, the replies are so short that they must be computer generated and it seems like there is much more commercial stuff that there was with the old version.
vor 1 Tag
Old version please
vor 1 Tag
Мне не нравится новая версия. Я хожу со старым?
vor 1 Tag
Мне не нравится новая версия. Как мне перейти на старую?
vor 1 Tag
nope, i liked the old version and the old videos much better.. The new just seems to be an advertising for porn producers. And the comments also seem fake. Before people wrote whole thoughts, now its just one word....hmmm? And the fake friend requests just turn me off completely. I loved this site the old way. But, Im gonna stick around and see what happens.
vor 1 Tag
How do I get back to the old version. This one isn't that intuitive. In the old I can one click to my news, my messages, all news so simply.
vor 1 Tag
I cant comment other then to say I really liked the oldest version best. I think I have been around for about ten years and I really miss the original homegrown real people style much better. The new seems to be nothing more than advertising snippets for commercial porn producers. Yes, the HD is nice but the realism is gone. Even the comments seem fake now. In the past I would write something and a dozen people would write whole paragraphs back. Now the comments are just one word. Kinda fake sounding.
vor 1 Tag
Give me old version
vor 1 Tag
The old version was better !
vor 1 Tag
I don't like the new version
vor 1 Tag
The old version its 4 many people better,the new version are verry complication
vor 1 Tag
In the german language in Germany are better
vor 1 Tag
Old version please 
vor 2 Tagen
I don’t care for the new version. Actually, I can’t think of Anything that
vor 2 Tagen
It is very difficult to navigate in the new format. I definitely 
vor 2 Tagen
Not only do I dislike the new version, I find it infuriatingly difficult, or even impossible to navigate back to the much preferred older version.