My wife jerking strangers at nude beach

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Hinzugefügt von cribru vor 3 Jahre
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vor 1 Tag
с ручек жены да отсосать все эти члены!
vor 1 Tag
Lucky guys
vor 1 Tag
Had a GF who loved to do this; she also knew I loved to watch her - this turned her on even more. I always waited to be last in line. Great sex would follow.
vor 2 Monate
My exwife loved to do it anytime we went to the nudist beach, on late evening when lifeguards were not on duty, She always had a couple guys touching her and masturbating on top of her, it was HOTTTTT
vor 3 Monate
nice,but same same,why no cumshootings
vor 4 Monate
Why no ending?
vor 7 Monate
mmmmmmmmmmmm i want be that stranger :)
vor 8 Monate
Gladly x
vor 9 Monate
Excellent. Yes great arse.
vor 10 Monate
I luv her arse, so soft xxx
vor 10 Monate
you bet!!!
vor 10 Monate
any guys want me to do that for them mmmm
vor 11 Monate
A fun day at the beach.
vor 1 Jahr
Very that the guys are lined up jerking off while waiting. What a slut! She is doing something that only is in my fantasies.
vor 1 Jahr
absolutely brilliant
vor 1 Jahr
vor 1 Jahr
nice smooth slit on her
vor 2 Jahre
Nice, but too short.
vor 2 Jahre
hot sweet girlll
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
Better than shaking hands
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
notice all the other guys were either old or outta shape the guy she invited over, judging from his torso was young and in shape...I really doubt she did anything to the other guys who thought they'd be next lol
vor 3 Jahre
This is excellent. I love her invitation, "You can come over if you want" in such embracing and welcoming voice.

She is enjoying it: some very sensual oohs and moans.

And the wow from him, and then the prolonged sigh as he obviously ejaculates.

And then he says "thank you" and then they both say "very nice" almost in unison.

She seems to be a sophisticated civilised woman.

It is wonderful to know that ssuch women exist. Perhaps there will be more, as the Internet opens and explores mature sex.

They both clearly enjoyed it....the little mutual laughs of pleasure....wonderful.

And then her helpful:"I have some wipes " at the end.

I am just wondering if the rest of the video is avaialable any where on the web.
vor 3 Jahre
the best cap dagde
vor 3 Jahre
looks like fun
vor 3 Jahre
so good, i hope she jerked off all the other guys watching too
vor 3 Jahre
Most of the men watching seem to be quite old...

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