More of the very lovely and popular Serena AKA Hazel

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Hinzugefügt von hammersmith38 vor 4 Jahre
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vor 3 Monate
What a gorgeous cunt she has!
vor 4 Monate
What a lovely lady, and with a personality to match. She has a mischievous nature that I'm sure would make her a great partner in bed.
vor 5 Monate
A beautiful woman, with a lovely body and an engaging character. She is a teaser, but enjoyable with it.
vor 5 Monate
I would BREED her real good from behind. That's all I have to say about that. :)
vor 6 Monate
Thanks love to fuck her!
vor 8 Monate
Obviously the right toy for her. Her reactions were a pure joy to watch
vor 9 Monate
I WanT TO MakE HeR CuM WitH MY TonguE!!
vor 10 Monate
beautiful and horny
vor 1 Jahr
Amazing body but she does the same fake orgasm routine in every video I've seen of her, does she shout & shudder EVERY time she masturbates for a few minutes in real life? I doubt it.
vor 1 Jahr
Quality mature cunt.
Wish she did hardcore.
Librarian scene with some Afican students after the library is closed.....
vor 1 Jahr
If Hazel played her cards right I would fuck her brains out. If she played them wrong, well what the hell, I'd fuck fuck her brains out anyway!.
vor 1 Jahr
I guess this is about as close as we're going to get to see Hazel actually fucking. So near, yet so far.
vor 1 Jahr
Wow, whatever name she goes by, she is amazing!!
vor 1 Jahr
I love to fuck her mature ass and her pussy and let her suck my cock so good and slow and I lick her clit til she cums and i'll deliver her a huge cumshot on he sexy body.
vor 1 Jahr
Said it before and I'll say it again: I'd love to see this gorgeous Brit in a lesbian scene taking a strap-on dildo in her nice, tight ass!!!
vor 1 Jahr
57 and stunning.
vor 1 Jahr
Hazel is a magic woman.
vor 1 Jahr
Killer Bod, Hazel!!
vor 1 Jahr
geile Granny
vor 1 Jahr
Viv, Hazel or Serena, she is fuckin incredible!
vor 1 Jahr
Lovely lady. She has been one of my favourites since about 2000- ish and she just keeps looking better each time I see her.
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
Have had so many tugs to this amazing woman, at 57 she is more sexy than women half her age.
vor 2 Jahre
Oh yes and she was 57 on 28 june 2012.Go for it Viv!!
vor 2 Jahre
Yes this is Vivien Birch I went to school with her and she lives near me
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
I love just listening to her.
vor 2 Jahre
Hazel May
Cheltenham, UK
Age: 52
vor 2 Jahre
This is VIVIEN BIRCH I went to school with her.She married in 1979.She is 57 this June.By god she still looks good.She is the mum of two grown up sons.Her mom and dad are still alive and in their 90s.I bet they dont know she does this for a living.Any how well done Vivien Birch.I always wanted to know what you were like naked.And you've got a cunt to die for.Don't know where the Serena or Hazel May name came from.But this is DEFINATELY VIVIEN BIRCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vor 2 Jahre
if you turn the sound of she's not so bad .....shut the fuck up stop your boring chat and take a cock love!

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