More of the very lovely and popular Serena AKA Hazel

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Hinzugefügt von hammersmith38 vor 4 Jahre
Laufzeit: 17:15
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vor 19 Tagen
vor 21 Tagen
Really can't believe some of the negative comments about Hazel/Serena/Vivien: the best ever milf!
vor 1 Monat
done some wanking watching this gorgeous ladys vids
vor 3 Monate
Hazel please let me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
vor 9 Monate
What a gorgeous cunt she has!
vor 10 Monate
What a lovely lady, and with a personality to match. She has a mischievous nature that I'm sure would make her a great partner in bed.
vor 11 Monate
A beautiful woman, with a lovely body and an engaging character. She is a teaser, but enjoyable with it.
vor 11 Monate
I would BREED her real good from behind. That's all I have to say about that. :)
vor 12 Monate
Thanks love to fuck her!
vor 1 Jahr
Obviously the right toy for her. Her reactions were a pure joy to watch
vor 1 Jahr
I WanT TO MakE HeR CuM WitH MY TonguE!!
vor 1 Jahr
beautiful and horny
vor 1 Jahr
Amazing body but she does the same fake orgasm routine in every video I've seen of her, does she shout & shudder EVERY time she masturbates for a few minutes in real life? I doubt it.
vor 1 Jahr
Quality mature cunt.
Wish she did hardcore.
Librarian scene with some Afican students after the library is closed.....
vor 1 Jahr
If Hazel played her cards right I would fuck her brains out. If she played them wrong, well what the hell, I'd fuck fuck her brains out anyway!.
vor 1 Jahr
I guess this is about as close as we're going to get to see Hazel actually fucking. So near, yet so far.
vor 1 Jahr
Wow, whatever name she goes by, she is amazing!!
vor 1 Jahr
I love to fuck her mature ass and her pussy and let her suck my cock so good and slow and I lick her clit til she cums and i'll deliver her a huge cumshot on he sexy body.
vor 2 Jahre
Said it before and I'll say it again: I'd love to see this gorgeous Brit in a lesbian scene taking a strap-on dildo in her nice, tight ass!!!
vor 2 Jahre
57 and stunning.
vor 2 Jahre
Hazel is a magic woman.
vor 2 Jahre
Killer Bod, Hazel!!
vor 2 Jahre
geile Granny
vor 2 Jahre
Viv, Hazel or Serena, she is fuckin incredible!
vor 2 Jahre
Lovely lady. She has been one of my favourites since about 2000- ish and she just keeps looking better each time I see her.
vor 2 Jahre
vor 2 Jahre
Have had so many tugs to this amazing woman, at 57 she is more sexy than women half her age.
vor 2 Jahre
Oh yes and she was 57 on 28 june 2012.Go for it Viv!!
vor 2 Jahre
Yes this is Vivien Birch I went to school with her and she lives near me
vor 2 Jahre

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