crucified cock n torture part 1

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Balls nailed through to a board. nails inserted into cock shaft, candle wax & clothespin torture and cumshot at at the end of crucified cock n torture part2

Hinzugefügt von anonymous vor 5 Jahre
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vor 25 Tagen
glad you like it. thanks for the comment :)
vor 25 Tagen
thank you for the nice comment
vor 25 Tagen
thank you... and that sounds fun :)
vor 25 Tagen
different strokes :)
vor 25 Tagen
ditto :)
vor 25 Tagen
Glad you like it :) this was me when I first started making self torture videos. I have much better equipment now and do live cam shows as well. hit me up and friend me :)
vor 1 Jahr
you have a beautiful cock, i could have it in my holes all day
vor 1 Jahr
wow, i'd need some one to that to me preferable a woman. i once stapled my coc to a board with a staple gun, wow did it hurt, but as time goes by it becomes hotter
vor 1 Jahr
You are not sick at all. You just have a wonderful fantasy, nothing wrong with. I´d help you anytime to make it come true!
vor 2 Jahre
@ diemtee33 No I don't write letters or am penpals with serial killers (those bboys need their cock and balls wacked right off while their restrained in a position to watch themselves bleed out. And nope I'm not a grave robber either...LOL... just enjoy the pain is all.. different strokes for different folks :) have a nice day :)
vor 2 Jahre
geiler folterschwanz
vor 2 Jahre
the funny thing is i have a friend who nails his balls to boards too...this coming from a guy who writes letters to several incarcerated serial killers and has robbed graves for money. never really thought much of it till now...definitely not my thing though
vor 3 Jahre
Respekt für die Eigencoráge, da bekommt der ausdruck, jemanden festnageln, sogar sich selbst eine an andere Sichtweise oO ^o^

Nägel wären mir bissel zu Stumpf, aber schönen eindruck der Film.
Thx zu den den Zimmermann und den Sharing
Hm da bekommt man Lust ein Sklavin Mädchen zu sein ;)

Sklavin Tanja
vor 4 Jahre
vor 5 Jahre
drive one through the head tough guy
vor 5 Jahre
you will think I am very sick then. My fantasy is to have several guys take me to a forest strip me and nail my ball sack to a tree stump and then to leave me for anyone hiking by to use.
Robert Wi...
vor 5 Jahre
What the fuck is this guy doing,l rate it very bad and plus to me that video is sick
vor 5 Jahre
I thought i had problems. this guy is really fucked up.
vor 5 Jahre
horrible dick and this vid is for sick people like you
vor 5 Jahre
sick, sexuality is not about pain, it is inner love

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