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vor 11 Tagen
To me being owned means the Bull uses the husband as well sexually. Whether making him suck his dick or outright fucking him as well as the wife.
vor 22 Tagen
This is a perfect scenario for a white cuck couple. We love it!
vor 25 Tagen
No doubt you love it as much as she does and your cock is rock hard and dripping as you watch and listen to her being used and degraded as a nigger cock craving whore all night long !!!!!!
I know you find her even more beautiful when her face is surrounded by nigger cocks and when she's covered hair to toseees in nigger seed with more ooooooooozing from her nigger cock abused WhoreHoles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vor 26 Tagen
YES>>>>> And SHE LOVES IT..:)
vor 26 Tagen
as should be
vor 2 Monate
She rides that cock really well
vor 2 Monate
Really hot content.
vor 3 Monate
vor 4 Monate
vor 4 Monate
Nothing hotter than hard black cock pounding in and out of horny hot white cunt.
vor 5 Monate
I disagree with the tittle, because the couple is owned by the bbc when both have interaction with the bull. When the hubby sucks the bull or the bull fuck him, that is when the couple is owned. That is what I think. Check my favorites for some videos were the hubby is sucking or fucked by the bbc.
vor 5 Monate
vor 5 Monate
vor 6 Monate
Excellent video.
vor 8 Monate
geil wie er ab ca. 24:40 spritzt, hart bleibt und dann weiterfickt!
vor 10 Monate
My favorite slut wife!!
vor 1 Jahr
A very sexy lady doing her thing.
vor 1 Jahr
cindy mc donald
vor 1 Jahr
vor 1 Jahr
great vid
vor 1 Jahr
There is only the human race yet we label these videos 'interracial'. Yes we are similar and yet different. That's what these women get off on, the skin colour, feel and touch of someone different to their own 'race'. I understand what you say but we are all also slightly different as well.
vor 1 Jahr
Now she is a true black cock whorefucking WhoreWife !!!!!!! 100% KumDumpsted Queen that her CuckHubby has to love hearing her getting WhoreBanged all around the house by black cocks while he vidoes the party !!!!!!!!!!!!
vor 1 Jahr
Lene, it's people like you that keep racism alive perpetuating division and hatred by throwing about racial slurs. People should not be judged by creed, skin color, nationality or any other means other than personal merits and actions. What you and people like you need to understand is there is only one race, and that my misguided friend is the human race! If you don't like seeing different skin colored skinned people engaging in sex, don't watch, after all it is your choice. And please keep your archaic, hate mongering thoughts to yourself.
vor 1 Jahr
From my point of view it makes no difference enslaving "niggers" or killing indians like your nation did or jews like the Germans. People with black skin can be very bad, too! Racism crime is everywhere an awful thing. Doesn't matter if from German's, American's or African's. The white wifes loves to get fucked by BBC but they wouldn't go side by side with her black fucker into a restaurant. That's racism, but not only a provocative word.
vor 1 Jahr
You know Lene, your racist intolorance is the same as others calling you scum because of all the trouble German's caused the world in the past. But because many of us are forgiving of your ansester's folly we don't berate you for the misdeeds of your race. Perhaps those in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks.
vor 1 Jahr
Because I like to provoke insults like yours
vor 1 Jahr
Racist bastard. Why even come here if you are going to write like that asshole!
vor 1 Jahr
Damn that was hot!!
vor 1 Jahr
hot variety to bad not enough of CIM shots great to see some long black cocks fucking the wives
vor 1 Jahr
Hot video, thanks for share.

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